• What kind of success have your customers seen when implementing FraudGuard?
    FraudGuard has customers ranging from individuals running our WordPress plugin in shared hosting to extremely large customers protecting thousands of servers publicly accessible. At peak implementation, we have seen a reduction in attacks by up to 87%. This is widely due to the fact that the vast majority of attacks are automated at some level to run across the internet, searching for victims and not typically directed at a single internet resource or organization.

  • Can I lookup IPs without using your API
    Yes, our paying customers have the ability to lookup, geographically map and export up to 1024 IPs or a CIDR block /22 or smaller in size available here

  • Is there a minimum subscription period?
    No, you can cancel or make changes to your subscription at any time, there is absolutely no lock in. To make changes to your account please go here

  • How often do you update your attack data?
    All our our honeypots stream attack data in realtime to our attack correlation engine. There are some non-attack data collection instances (like TOR exit nodes and unauthenticated public proxies) where a delay of up to a few minutes may be seen. All geographic, carrier and organizational data is updated nightly.

  • Do we support Two Factor Authentication or 2FA inside our application?
    Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is supported on app.fraudguard.io using the service Twilio Authy. It can be configured easily by logging in and clicking here:

  • Do we collect any information from customer devices?
    Absolutely not! The FraudGuard API is designed to be a read only data system. When utilizing any of our APIs, we only log the request made specific to your account. Nothing about the device making the request is ever logged and the data is never shared with other customers or in our attack correlation engine.

  • How can I keep track of my request volumes?
    We have several graphs of your request volumes that updates in realtime. We also offer historical info logged in our web app of your past API requests.

  • What happens if I find a security vulnerability in FraudGuard? Do you have a bug bounty program?
    At FraudGuard, our goal is to build a safer internet for our customers. Part of this vision includes rewarding users that find and report mistakes in our code. If you think you've uncovered a bug, please report it to hello@fraudguard.io as soon as possible.

  • How can I use FraudGuard to ensure an IP or range of IPs never gets blacklisted?
    In the control panel you will find a whitelist management section. In this section you can add any IP or range of IPs to ensure our APIs never return these IPs as blacklisted to your requests.

  • What can I do if an action is blocked when it should not be?
    We offer a whitelist function both in our control panel and via the API, so you can manage any specific instance of a false block. You can also control what is blocked via threat type and risk level.

  • For larger size organizations, can FraudGuard be applied network wide directly on firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, etc?
    Yes! The FraudGuard v2 API provides access to our bulk data in realtime. How you configure it is entirely up to you depending on you requirements. Our typical recommendation for deployment would be gradually rolling out an increasing number of IPs to block based off either threat or risk levels.

  • How do I update my credit card?
    Please login to our web app and go here

  • Is my payment information secure?
    We rely on Stripe to process all payment information and we never view or store any customer’s credit or debit card details on our platform.

  • How can I submit a correction?
    Please email us at hello@fraudguard.io

  • Where are your terms of service?
    Terms of Service

  • Do you offer a web application firewall at FraudGuard?
    At FraudGuard we offer our data to our customers via a simple API. This could be integrated into any web application firewall through automation engineering, but we do not offer a one-click installer to protect individual resources. Our typical customers protect via cloud provider API. For example network access control lists or for our on premise customers through automation into their own pre-existing firewalls. For our smaller customers we also offer easy to follow guides to integrate directly with your servers iptables or Windows firewall. This allows complete control over the data imported into your infrastructure.

  • Do you offer geographic blocks of any entire country?
    Yes! In one click you can choose to block any country using our geographic section of the control panel.

  • Do you offer refunds?
    This is entirely dependent on the scenario but typically no.

  • Will FraudGuard increase our billing plan automatically if we exceed our plan limits?
    We will never modify your billing plan. Free customers will receive a notification in the control panel as well as an http status code of 429 when you exceed your plan. For all paying customers we only have a soft rate limit, so we'll continue to return the standard response to you and send you an email notification that you've exceeded your limit. If it happens regularly we may ask you to upgrade to a larger plan.

  • How do I get in touch with the team?
    Please email us at hello@fraudguard.io