API Documentation

For our most up to date API docs please check out:

API Documentation

We also provide easy to understand sample scripts in both Linux and Windows as well as several cloud providers that you can customize to your own environment.

Ubuntu Iptables Bash script
Windows Firewall PowerShell script

If you are running Wordpress you can check out our Wordpress plugin here for a one click install of FraudGuard.io.

Please note we typically recommend utilizing FraudGuard at a server or even better a network layer. We understand that in some situations this isn't possible so we built this extremely easy to use Wordpress plugin. Utilizing this plugin means only TCP ports 80 and 443 of your Wordpress site will be protected by FraudGuard.io.

Wordpress Plugin

If you are a Javascript shop, we also have an NPM package you can use with our FraudGuard v1 API.

FraudGuard NPM Package